Bernard Descheemaeker - Works of Art was founded in September 2000 and is specialized in objets d'art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (c.1150-1675).

My website provides you with an overview of my collection. You can read my newsletters and catalogues online.

The website also provides details of my own exhibitions.

Under sales to museums you will find an overview of more than 50 paintings and works of art which I have sold to Belgian and foreign museums since 2001.

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A new catalogue

My latest catalogue Vigilantia. A Selection from My Most Recent Acquisitions (cat. no.23) can be accessed online as from today.

This catalogus -my 23rd, no less- presents and illustrates as much as 36 masterpieces from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, covering each of my specialisms at least once: Flemish late-medieval sculptures; champlevé enamels from the 12th and 13th centuries; Gothic ivory carvings; bronze objects; mother-of-pearl-carving; Flemish 17th-century paintings and drawings; Antwerp ceramics; and, it goes without saying, 16th-century painted enamels from Limoges. Nevertheless, there exists unity in such diversity: each piece has been selected on the basis of its extraordinary quality, its extreme rarity, its art historical relevance and its excellent condition.

A loan to the Musée de Flandre (Cassel, France)

In view of the fact that the French State has classified this ensemble as a Monument Historique, these three, very early, Brabant altar groups (c.1430-1440) are prohibited from leaving French territory. Therefor, they will be exhibited on loan, for a period of six years (2019-2025), in the Musée de Flandre in Cassel -a smaller, but very attractive museum just over the French-Belgian border, which I highly recommend to visit. See also: catalogue 19 (no.4).